My life story


I was born in a little country…it doesent matter where. My life wasn’t so pink…i didn’t have colors in my world. Everything was black and nasty. I tried to smile everyday, but the problems were to much so ”I passed away,,. My spirit was death..all the day i stayed in my room..crying. After 3 weeks I was called by my father to get out and make some sport like running. And i have done this thing for 3 weeks, with my father. Lately, when I was at school, at music lesson, my teacher puted me to sing something for a A . I started to sing Halo by Beyonce and i didn’t know why all the people was watching me impressed. After one week i was called by my teacher to go with her at a music contest..I accepted. There i won the 2nd place and everything was amezing.
After 2 weeks my family made a decizion: We had to leave our country for Germany. I was easyly impressed but i accepted. Now, here i am, in Germany. I still practice music and i make money for me 🙂 . I’ve learnd the leanguage and i’m happy. Know, i can say: MY LIFE IS FULL WITH COLORS AND I DONT HAVE TO BE AFRAID ANYMORE. This is my story. I hope you liked. If you have some questions about me, ask me, i’ll answer 🙂 .

Have a pink world 😀


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