Miley Cyrus and Jared Leto Are Sleepover Buddies


Today in celebrity gossip: Two of the industry’s most celebrated artists “are hooking up,” Adam Brody secretly married Leighton Meester, and Gwyneth Paltrow most certainly did not have an affair with an entertainment lawyer.

Celebrated performance artist Miley Cyrus may have changed the world’s collective mind about the merits of gawky, awkward gyrations slathered in sequins, but that doesn’t mean she’s been lucky in love! Cyrus famously called off her engagement to Liam Hemsworth and recently enjoyed a brief fling with noted flesh golem Kellan Lutz, but now we can add no less than Oscar-nominated 30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto to her list of conquests! According to “a source,” the two “are hooking up.”

In this case “hooking up” means that Cyrus “stayed over at his house.” Was he himself present? Unclear! Did they enjoy sexual congress? It’s a mystery! But we do know that Leto is literally twice Cyrus’ age, in case that is important to you. Also they have a few important things in common: “They like to have a good time, they love to talk about art and music — and they’re both comfortable with nudity!” Almost no other celebrities could claim these things about themselves, so it’s truly lucky that Cyrus has found someone so like-minded. But let’s hope this art and nudity-cemented slumber party friendship doesn’t give Cyrus any wrong ideas about what Leto’s into. “Jared doesn’t do girlfriends.” Dang. Sorry, girl. [Us Weekly]


Have a pink world 😀


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