Real Vampires from Romania


Vampire Story part 1

A girl and a young man were once in love, but the youth died and became a vampire. The girl knew nothing of this. She happened to be alone in her parents’ house, and she put out all the lights and went to bed as usual. Now vampires can enter into empty houses or into unclean houses, but the girl’s house was clean and holy, so he could not come in.

Instead of coming in he called at the window, speaking in the same tone and using the same words as he did when alive.
– “Stupid girl, come with me,” he said, and took her hand and led her, undressed as she was, to his tomb.

  • “Go in,” he said.
  • “No, friend, I’m afraid,” she said.

He went in first, and called,
– “Come quicker.”
– “Wait,” she said, “I’ve lost my beads. They must have fallen hereabouts.”

And she ran and ran until she saw a house with a light. She went in and found a dead man called Avram on a bench. She drew the bolts of the door and lay down in hiding behind the oven. The vampire came after her with true vampire persistency.

He knocked at the window, saying,
– “Avram, open the door.”

Avram was himself a vampire, and was going to obey and open the door. But the hen saw what was happening, and said to the cock,
– “Crow, so as to save the poor girl.”
– “No, you crow. It is not my turn.”

So the hen crowed quickly before Avram could get to the door, and the girl escaped, because she was clean and holy, and vampires do not easily get hold of clean souls.

If you want part 2 press like. When this part gets 10 likes I put the next part. Thanks for reading. Everything is true.

Have a pink world 😀


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