I’m back


Hello everybody. I camed back and i have a new topic. If you are ready let’s start.
I will show you some pictures and I want you to guess what it means. Ok?



Ok. You’ve got me. I’ve been study almost everything about witches, wizards and druids. Most of the peoples say that witches are toghether with $atan. I don’t know what to think, but is like my head don’t believe all the witches are evil. So, here is the point. White magic||Black magic.


I think, witches who are practecing White magic are not scary or som’ like that, but I have to mention, when I hear ”Spell,, I am not afraid, but my skin is starting to become like a…..chiken skin…..
I have read some spells and i found some interesting spells like: ”Vampire spell, Flying spell, Revenge spell, Money spell, Wearwolf spell,,
I dont say I dont believe them, but I dont think you can be a Vampire or a Wearwolf just like that…pufff, a spell and you are transforming….
What do you think? Do you believe them?
I hope you still like this blog. Press like and let’s move on. I hope you have a nice Sunday. Bye.

Have a pink world 😀


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