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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart are getting married


Believe the tabloid cover, people: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may totally be getting married!

According to the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, there is no debating the status of this formerly estranged couple.

“They are inseparable and 100 percent back on,” a friend tell the magazine.

But that’s far from all.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Talking Marriage?
Following months of back and forth, along with rumors that Rob was dating Dylan Penn, this pal says Pattinson and Stewart recently enjoyed a weekend getaway to “discuss their future” and they “decided they can’t live without each other.”

To be specific?

“Marriage was definitely a topic of conversation.”

But don’t expect Rob and Kristen to go all Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on us. They may actually tie the knot without inviting a single camera to the ceremony.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they just suddenly eloped!” the insider says. “Kristen is adamant that they should fully commit and move forward. Of course, she was the one who suggested running off to get married.”

Unfortunately, Pattinson’s friends are frowning on the relationship, believing Kristen is “toxic” for the star and that he shouldn’t forgive her for that affair with Rupert Sanders.

But the heart wants what the heart wants. And did anyone ever doubt these two would find their way back to each other?

We’re so happy for Robsten!

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Nina and Ian — most exes would NOT have been able to pull off that adorable moment after winning the Favorite On-Screen Chemistry award at the People’s Choice Awards on Jan. 8. It just proved that you’re so right for one another — so get back together!
Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, a giant high five for winning the People’s Choice Award for Favorite On-Screen Chemistry, but your acceptance performance just proved why you’re so right for one another.

Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: Perfect At The PCAs
Nina and Ian, you have to admit that not many exes would have been able to pull off your comfortable banter on stage, as you mocked your split from earlier this year. When the two of you joked, “And then we started dating on the show. Then we started dating in real life. Then we broke up in real life. And yet our characters are still dating on the show,” you had us in the palm of your hands. But when Nina added, “It’s a good thing it’s not awkward” — followed by a totally hilarious awkward silence, and then the statement — “well it’s a good thing we have chemistry,” we were all cheering inside. Nina Dobrev’s Intricate Knot Hairstyle — Get The Exact Look Finally, when Nina laughed and Ian planted a kiss on her cheek, we were convinced — you two belong together.

People’s Choice Awards 2014 Top 5 Moments

Should Nina and Ian date again?
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Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder: Get Back Together!
There’s no way that you could generate that type of real life chemistry if you still didn’t have intense feelings of affection for one another. You may have split up in May of 2013, after reportedly dating since The Vampire Diaries‘ first season in 2009, but you have continued to generate intense on-screen sparks as Delena on The Vampire Diaries without missing a beat. The question is — could you really be able to have kept pulling that off if you didn’t still have feelings for each other? No matter how professional you two are, I’m convinced that it would have been hard to have carried that chemistry without deeper feelings still at play. Ian Somerhalder Tells Nina Dobrev He Loves Her After Sweet PCA Speech Now, the world has witnessed the deep affection you two still clearly have for each other. And if your acceptance skit and kiss weren’t enough proof of why you two still fit so perfectly together, there was a super sweet post-PCAs tweet posted by Ian.

Ian Somerhalder: He Loves You, Nina Dobrev
In that tweet, Ian wished you, Nina, a Happy Birthday. “The world loves you! We all do;) Enjoy the moment, enjoy the day, enjoy the year!,” he tweeted for Nina’s 25th birthday. Nina — today, Jan. 9, is your 25th birthday; Ian is 35. Perhaps Nina, you felt you were too young before to make a serious relationship commitment. Ian is after all, over 10 years older and may have felt ready to move forward when you weren’t. But now that you’ve hit your quarter century milestone, maybe you’re ready to rethink any concerns you may have, if in fact, that was the case. Listen, whatever the reason is for your breakup, you two clearly like each other A LOT. You clearly understand each other, have fun with each other, share the same type of humor and work together seamlessly. How many couples — let alone ex-couples — can say that? Ask yourself that and consider this: it’s so hard to find a partner who loves you and understands you. You two have something very special together — your intense, very visible chemistry, proves it.You owe it to yourselves to reconsider your split and to think about re-igniting your romance. Do you agree, HollywoodLifers — should Nina and Ian dateBonnier Fuller




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The big Sheep and the little Sheep (Story for kids)


Once upon a time, there were two sheep. One was a small sheep … so small (separate hands to show size). It has a soft voice … baa! The other was a big sheep … so big (stretch arms to show size). It has a loud voice … BAA! The two sheep are brothers.

Every day, Big Sheep and Small Sheep would go out to the fields to play together and to look for grass to eat. One morning, as always, the two sheep went out. Big Sheep and Small Sheep gambolled out to the fields to look for grass to eat … (Get the children to gambol together “to the fields.”) Now it has not been raining for many days and most of the grass had dried up.

Big Sheep and Small Sheep gambolled for a long time but they could not find any green grass to eat. They were getting tired. Their feet were tired and they could no longer gambol. So they walked … (Get the children to drag their feet on the ground.) Big Sheep and Small Sheep walked and walked from morning until afternoon but there were no green grass. As far as they could see all the green grass had become brown.

The sun was getting hotter. Big Sheep and Small Sheep were tired, hungry and thirsty … (Get the children to stick out their tongues and pant.) But Big Sheep and Small Sheep continued walking and soon they came to a river. They lowered their heads and lapped up some water with their tongue … (demonstrate how this is done).


When Big Sheep lifted his head, he saw a small green patch under a tree. He gambolled over to the tree. It was a patch of green grass. “BAA, BAA!” he shouted to Small Sheep to come over. Both Big Sheep and Small Sheep were very excited. But the small patch of grass was a very small patch … it was just enough for one sheep. What should they do? (Pause) Who should eat the small batch of green grass? (Pause) “BAA, BAA! Go ahead and eat it. I am not very hungry” said Big Sheep and he began to move away. “Baa! Let us share the green grass” said Small Sheep. So Big Sheep and Small Sheep shared the small patch of small grass. They were very happy and they gambolled all the way home … (Get the children to hold hands and gambol “all the way home.”)

Big Sheep found the green grass and he could have eaten the grass all by himself. But Big Sheep was generous to let Small Sheep eat the small patch of green grass. Small Sheep was also sharing … he shared the green grass with Big Sheep. Small Sheep loves Big Sheep and Big Sheep loves Small Sheep.


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Real Vampires from Romania


Vampire Story part 1

A girl and a young man were once in love, but the youth died and became a vampire. The girl knew nothing of this. She happened to be alone in her parents’ house, and she put out all the lights and went to bed as usual. Now vampires can enter into empty houses or into unclean houses, but the girl’s house was clean and holy, so he could not come in.

Instead of coming in he called at the window, speaking in the same tone and using the same words as he did when alive.
– “Stupid girl, come with me,” he said, and took her hand and led her, undressed as she was, to his tomb.

  • “Go in,” he said.
  • “No, friend, I’m afraid,” she said.

He went in first, and called,
– “Come quicker.”
– “Wait,” she said, “I’ve lost my beads. They must have fallen hereabouts.”

And she ran and ran until she saw a house with a light. She went in and found a dead man called Avram on a bench. She drew the bolts of the door and lay down in hiding behind the oven. The vampire came after her with true vampire persistency.

He knocked at the window, saying,
– “Avram, open the door.”

Avram was himself a vampire, and was going to obey and open the door. But the hen saw what was happening, and said to the cock,
– “Crow, so as to save the poor girl.”
– “No, you crow. It is not my turn.”

So the hen crowed quickly before Avram could get to the door, and the girl escaped, because she was clean and holy, and vampires do not easily get hold of clean souls.

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An Adventure In Space (Kids Story)


I was part of a crew that was sent on a mission into outer space.

The mission was carried out successfully and I was on my way back to earth with my friends.

Suddenly, an unidentified flying object appeared and it somehow forced our spacecraft to land on another planet.

On the planet, a very strange looking creature met us. This creature took my crew and me to see its master. I saw another alien sitting on a very high throne. That must be their master. It wore a crown and looked like all the strange looking creatures in the room but its head was very much bigger. All the aliens had
four eyes, two heads and six legs. They had a white body and no hair.


The strange unknown planet looked like a prison, no worst … a dungeon. There was a very high wall all around the planet. It had many buildings and everywhere you went, you could hear the wailing sounds coming from small cells.

We were scared but they gave us some food, which smelt like rotten fish. The smell was so strong that we had to hold our breath in order not to faint. No one dared to touch the food.

The next day, we were given a long list of things to do but they were in a language that we could not understand at all. They whipped us and put us in a small cell. After that, they conducted experiments on us. A few of us died but the rest of us who survived were put back into the cell.

One day, the aliens who brought us to our cell forgot to lock the door so we escaped through the door. Soon we boarded our own spaceship and flew back to earth. We had a horrifying experience but no one believed us! After this, I never dared to go into space ever again.


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A Birthday Bike ( Kids Story)


Michael’s birthday was coming soon, so he asked his dad for a bicycle so that he would not need to walk to school anymore. However, Michael’s dad had lost his job and did not have much money. Michael got a book instead but he did not complain.

One bright and sunny day while Michael was walking past a convenience store on his way to school, he saw a big boy on a bike. The bike was too small for the boy. As the boy was turning around a corner, the bike skidded on a puddle of water and crashed into a lamp-post.

The boy was a prefect in Michael’s school. Michael recognised him. The boy’s name was William. William seemed to have broken his leg. Michael picked up William’s bike which was not damaged and rode to the nearby hospital to get help. A
few minutes later, an ambulance came and brought William to the hospital. Michael rode William’s bike to school so he would not be late for class.


After school, Michael quickly rode the bicycle to William’s house with a book and a jigsaw puzzle for William. William was not too seriously hurt. He was discharged after his leg was put in a cast.

To Michael’s surprise, William was getting a new bike on his birthday in two months’ time and Michael could have William’s old bike. Michael was overjoyed. From then on, Michael and William became good friends. Michael visited William every day till William’s leg was healed.


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